Quesadillas To Burger: 7 Dishes You Can Make With Leftover Rotis


Welcome to the world of creative cooking! Don't let leftover rotis go to waste. Turn them into delicious dishes like quesadillas and burgers.


Slide 1: Quesadillas are a quick and easy way to use up leftover rotis. Simply fill them with your favorite toppings and cheese, and toast until crispy.


Slide 2: Want to switch things up? Use rotis as a base for mini pizzas. Top with sauce, cheese, and your choice of toppings for a tasty snack or meal.


Slide 3: Craving something heartier? Transform rotis into a savory breakfast wrap. Fill with scrambled eggs, veggies, and cheese for a satisfying start to your day.


Slide 4: Leftover rotis can also be used to make a delicious Indian-inspired dish. Cut them into strips and use as a base for chaat, topped with chutney, yogurt, and spices.


Slide 5: Feeling adventurous? Use rotis as a substitute for tortillas in a Mexican-inspired burrito. Fill with beans, rice, and your choice of protein for a flavorful meal.


Slide 6: Want to satisfy your burger cravings? Use rotis as buns and fill with your favorite burger toppings. Don't forget the cheese and condiments for the ultimate burger experience.


Slide 7: Looking for a healthier option? Use rotis as a base for a veggie wrap. Fill with hummus, veggies, and avocado for a nutritious and delicious meal.


Slide 8: Don't limit yourself to just these ideas. Get creative and experiment with different fillings and toppings to make your own unique dishes using leftover rotis.


Slide 9: With these 7 dishes, you'll never have to throw away leftover rotis again. So next time you have some lying around, get cooking and enjoy a tasty and budget-friendly meal. Happy cooking!