Paratha To Chokha: 10 Dishes To Make With Boiled Potatoes


Welcome to the world of delicious dishes made with boiled potatoes! Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with these 10 mouth-watering recipes.


Slide into the comfort of a warm paratha stuffed with spicy mashed potatoes. A perfect breakfast or snack option loved by all.


Add a twist to your regular mashed potatoes with a dollop of tangy chokha. A popular Bihari dish that will leave you craving for more.


Indulge in the goodness of aloo tikki, a crispy and flavorful snack made with boiled potatoes, spices, and herbs. Perfect for any occasion.


Take your taste buds on a journey with aloo chaat, a popular street food made with boiled potatoes, chutneys, and spices. A burst of flavors in every bite.


Satisfy your cravings with aloo bonda, a deep-fried snack made with boiled potatoes, spices, and gram flour. A perfect tea-time treat.


Experience the fusion of Indian and Chinese flavors with aloo manchurian, a delicious dish made with boiled potatoes, vegetables, and sauces.


Spice up your meal with aloo gobi, a classic Indian dish made with boiled potatoes, cauliflower, and aromatic spices. A must-try for all potato lovers.


Impress your guests with aloo dum biryani, a flavorful rice dish made with boiled potatoes, spices, and fragrant basmati rice. A true feast for the senses.


End your meal on a sweet note with aloo halwa, a rich and decadent dessert made with boiled potatoes, ghee, and sugar. A perfect way to end any meal.