Navratri 2023: 8 Vrat-Friendly Ingredients To Add To Your Pantry


Welcome to Navratri 2023! Get ready to celebrate with these 8 vrat-friendly ingredients to add to your pantry. #Navratri #VratFriendly


Slide into the festive spirit with sabudana, a staple ingredient for vrat dishes. Make delicious sabudana khichdi or vrat-friendly kheer. #Sabudana #VratRecipes


Add some crunch to your vrat meals with singhara flour. Use it to make tasty puris or parathas. #SingharaFlour #VratMeals


Make your vrat meals more nutritious with rajgira, also known as amaranth. Use it to make rotis, khichdi, or even laddoos. #Rajgira #VratNutrition


Spice up your vrat dishes with rock salt, a healthier alternative to regular salt. Use it to add flavor to your sabudana khichdi or fruit chaat. #RockSalt #VratSpices


Get your daily dose of protein with makhana, also known as fox nuts. Roast them and add them to your vrat-friendly snacks or make a delicious kheer. #Makhana #VratProtein


Add a touch of sweetness to your vrat meals with jaggery. Use it to make vrat-friendly desserts like kheer or laddoos. #Jaggery #VratDesserts


Make your vrat meals more filling with sama rice, also known as barnyard millet. Use it to make pulao, khichdi, or even idlis. #SamaRice #VratMeals


Don't forget to stock up on ghee, an essential ingredient for vrat dishes. Use it to make crispy puris or add it to your khichdi for a rich flavor. #Ghee #VratEssentials


With these 8 vrat-friendly ingredients in your pantry, you're all set to enjoy a delicious and nutritious Navratri 2023. Happy fasting! #Navratri2023 #VratIngredients