Navratri 2023: 6 Delicious Ways To Cook With Pumpkin For Fasting


Welcome to Navratri 2023! Get ready to indulge in delicious pumpkin dishes for fasting. Let's explore 6 mouth-watering recipes to satisfy your cravings.


Slide 1: Pumpkin Halwa - A traditional dessert made with grated pumpkin, milk, and sugar. Add a twist by using jaggery instead of sugar for a healthier option.


Slide 2: Pumpkin Soup - A warm and comforting soup made with pumpkin, coconut milk, and spices. Perfect for breaking your fast on a chilly autumn evening.


Slide 3: Pumpkin Sabzi - A simple and flavorful dish made with pumpkin, potatoes, and spices. Serve with roti or puri for a filling meal during fasting.


Slide 4: Pumpkin Kheer - A creamy and rich dessert made with pumpkin, rice, and milk. Top it off with nuts and raisins for a festive touch.


Slide 5: Pumpkin Paratha - A unique twist on the classic paratha, made with pumpkin puree and spices. Serve with yogurt or chutney for a satisfying meal.


Slide 6: Pumpkin Raita - A refreshing side dish made with pumpkin, yogurt, and spices. Pair it with your favorite fasting dish for a burst of flavor.


Slide 7: Pumpkin Ladoo - A sweet and indulgent treat made with pumpkin, coconut, and jaggery. Perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth during Navratri.


Slide 8: Pumpkin Smoothie - A healthy and delicious drink made with pumpkin, banana, and spices. Perfect for a quick and nutritious meal during fasting.


Slide 9: With these 6 delicious pumpkin recipes, you can enjoy a variety of dishes while fasting during Navratri. Happy cooking and happy fasting!