Navratri 2023: 10 Drinks To Stay Hydrated During Garba Nights


Welcome to Navratri 2023! Get ready for 9 nights of non-stop Garba and Dandiya. But don't forget to stay hydrated with these 10 drinks.


Slide 1: Coconut Water - Refreshing and full of electrolytes, this drink will keep you energized throughout the night.


Slide 2: Lemonade - Beat the heat with a glass of tangy lemonade. Add a pinch of salt for extra hydration.


Slide 3: Buttermilk - A traditional Indian drink that will cool you down and aid digestion after all that dancing.


Slide 4: Aam Panna - Made with raw mangoes, this sweet and sour drink is perfect for quenching your thirst.


Slide 5: Watermelon Juice - Stay hydrated and get a boost of Vitamin C with this delicious fruit juice.


Slide 6: Jaljeera - A popular Indian drink that aids digestion and keeps you cool. Add some mint leaves for a refreshing twist.


Slide 7: Thandai - A festive drink made with milk, nuts, and spices. Perfect for a break from all the dancing.


Slide 8: Nimbu Pani - Another classic Indian drink that will keep you hydrated and refreshed. Add some black salt for a tangy kick.


Slide 9: Chaas - Made with yogurt and spices, this drink will keep you cool and replenish your body with essential nutrients.