Mutton Curry And More: 6 Dishes To Try In The Dashain Feast


Welcome to the Dashain feast! Get ready to indulge in the rich flavors of mutton curry and more. Let's explore 6 must-try dishes for this festive season.


Slide into the festivities with a bowl of steaming hot mutton curry. The tender meat, aromatic spices, and thick gravy will leave you craving for more.


Next up, we have the classic dish of sel roti. These deep-fried rice flour rings are a staple in every Dashain celebration. Dip it in some spicy chutney for an explosion of flavors.


No feast is complete without some juicy momos. These dumplings filled with minced meat and spices are a crowd favorite. Don't forget to dip them in some tangy tomato chutney.


For a burst of flavors, try the traditional dish of khasi ko masu. This spicy goat meat curry is a must-try for all meat lovers. Pair it with some rice or roti for a satisfying meal.


Indulge in some sweet treats with the famous sel roti pudding. This dessert is made by soaking sel roti in milk and adding a touch of cardamom and nuts. A perfect end to a hearty meal.


For a unique twist, try the fusion dish of mutton momo pizza. This mouth-watering creation combines the flavors of momos and pizza for a delicious and filling meal.


Don't miss out on the traditional dish of bara. These lentil pancakes are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Pair it with some spicy aloo achar for a perfect combination.


Add some crunch to your feast with the popular dish of chhwela. This spicy dish is made with marinated meat, onions, and chilies. Perfect for those who love a little heat in their food.


End your feast on a sweet note with the famous dish of sel roti and kheer. This combination of sweet and savory is a must-try for all foodies. Enjoy the festivities and savor these delicious dishes!