Mosambi To Genoa : 7 Lemon Varieties In India


Welcome to the world of lemons! India is home to 7 unique varieties of this tangy fruit. Let's explore the journey of Mosambi to Genoa.


Mosambi, also known as sweet lime, is a popular variety in India. Its juicy and sweet taste makes it a favorite for making refreshing drinks.


Next up is the Eureka lemon, which is commonly found in the western region of India. Its thick skin and high juice content make it perfect for cooking and baking.


The Lisbon lemon, with its smooth and thin skin, is another popular variety in India. It is often used in making pickles and chutneys.


The rough-skinned Kaghzi lemon is a favorite in the northern parts of India. Its strong aroma and high acidity level make it ideal for making lemon zest and essential oils.


The Jhambiri lemon, also known as the Assam lemon, is a small and round variety found in the northeastern region of India. Its strong flavor is perfect for making lemon rice and other savory dishes.


The Gondhoraj lemon, grown in West Bengal, is known for its distinct fragrance and flavor. It is often used in making refreshing lemonade and cocktails.


Last but not least, we have the Genoa lemon, which is a hybrid of the Eureka and Lisbon varieties. Its large size and high juice content make it a popular choice for commercial production.


From Mosambi to Genoa, each variety of lemon has its own unique characteristics and uses. Which one is your favorite?


Thank you for joining us on this journey through the 7 lemon varieties in India. We hope you have learned something new and will continue to enjoy these tangy fruits in all their delicious forms.