Ker Achar To Thokku: 6 Regional Indian Condiments To Try At Least Once


Welcome to the world of Indian condiments! Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with these 6 regional favorites. #KerAcharToThokku


First up, we have Ker Achar, a spicy and tangy pickle from Kerala. Made with raw mangoes, it's a must-try for pickle lovers. #KerAcharToThokku


Next on the list is Thokku, a popular condiment from Tamil Nadu. Made with tomatoes and spices, it's perfect for adding a kick to any dish. #KerAcharToThokku


Moving on to the North, we have Chutney, a versatile condiment made with a variety of ingredients like mint, coriander, and tamarind. #KerAcharToThokku


In the East, we have Kasundi, a spicy mustard sauce from West Bengal. It's a staple in Bengali cuisine and pairs well with fish and rice. #KerAcharToThokku


Heading to the West, we have Pachadi, a yogurt-based condiment from Kerala. It's a refreshing accompaniment to spicy dishes. #KerAcharToThokku


Last but not least, we have Gunpowder, a fiery spice mix from Andhra Pradesh. Sprinkle it on your food for an explosion of flavor. #KerAcharToThokku


These regional Indian condiments are not just delicious, but also packed with health benefits. So go ahead and give them a try! #KerAcharToThokku


From pickles to chutneys, these condiments are a staple in every Indian household. So why not add them to your pantry too? #KerAcharToThokku


That concludes our list of 6 regional Indian condiments to try at least once. We hope you enjoyed this flavorful journey. #KerAcharToThokku