International Gin & Tonic Day: 10 Tips To Perfect Your G&T


Welcome to International Gin & Tonic Day! Let's raise a glass to this classic cocktail. #GinAndTonic #CocktailLovers


Tip 1: Start with a good quality gin. Look for a London Dry style for a classic G&T. #Gin #LondonDry #CocktailTips


Tip 2: Use a highball glass for the perfect G&T. The tall shape allows for plenty of ice and garnishes. #HighballGlass #GinAndTonic


Tip 3: Don't skimp on the tonic water. Choose a premium brand for a better tasting G&T. #TonicWater #PremiumBrands #GinCocktails


Tip 4: Add ice to your glass first, then pour in the gin. This helps to prevent the gin from overpowering the tonic. #IceFirst #GinAndTonicTips


Tip 5: Use a fresh lime wedge for a classic G&T. The citrus adds a refreshing twist to the drink. #LimeWedge #GinCocktailGarnish


Tip 6: For a twist on the classic, try using a flavored tonic water. Think cucumber, elderflower, or grapefruit. #FlavoredTonic #GinAndTonicVariations


Tip 7: Experiment with different garnishes. Try herbs like rosemary or thyme, or fruits like berries or citrus slices. #GarnishIdeas #GinCocktailVariations


Tip 8: Don't forget the ratio. A good rule of thumb is 1 part gin to 3 parts tonic water. Adjust to your taste. #GinToTonicRatio #PerfectGinAndTonic


Tip 9: Cheers to a perfect G&T! Remember to always use fresh ingredients and have fun with your garnishes. #PerfectGinAndTonic #CocktailCheers