7 Foods That Can Use Miso, Besides Soup


Welcome to the world of miso! This versatile ingredient is not just for soup. Let's explore 7 delicious ways to use miso in your cooking.


Miso adds a rich umami flavor to any dish. Try mixing it with mayo for a tasty spread on sandwiches or burgers.


For a twist on traditional hummus, blend miso into your chickpea dip. It adds a depth of flavor that will have your taste buds dancing.


Miso also makes a great marinade for meats and vegetables. Just mix with some oil, soy sauce, and your favorite spices for a flavorful marinade.


Looking for a healthier alternative to ranch dressing? Mix miso with Greek yogurt and herbs for a creamy and tangy dip.


Add a spoonful of miso to your stir-fry sauce for a burst of flavor. It pairs well with veggies, tofu, and any protein of your choice.


For a quick and easy salad dressing, whisk together miso, olive oil, and lemon juice. It's a delicious way to dress up your greens.


Miso also works wonders in baked goods. Add a tablespoon to your cookie or brownie batter for a unique and delicious twist.


Feeling adventurous? Use miso as a seasoning for popcorn. It may sound strange, but trust us, it's a game-changer.


There you have it, 7 creative ways to use miso beyond soup. Give them a try and let us know which one is your favorite. Happy cooking!