6 Foods That Keep You Awake At Night


Are you struggling to fall asleep at night? It could be because of the foods you're eating. Here are 6 foods that keep you awake at night.


Caffeine is a no-brainer, but did you know it can stay in your system for up to 6 hours? Avoid coffee, tea, and energy drinks after 3pm.


Spicy foods can also disrupt your sleep. They can cause heartburn and indigestion, making it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep.


High-fat foods, like burgers and fries, take longer to digest and can cause discomfort while you're trying to sleep. Opt for lighter meals at night.


Alcohol may make you feel drowsy, but it can actually disrupt your sleep cycle. Limit your intake and avoid drinking close to bedtime.


Chocolate contains caffeine and can also trigger acid reflux. Avoid indulging in chocolate desserts or snacks before bed.


Acidic foods, such as citrus fruits and tomatoes, can cause heartburn and keep you up at night. Try to avoid them in the evening.


Processed and sugary foods can cause a spike in blood sugar, leading to restlessness and difficulty falling asleep. Stick to whole foods instead.


If you're a fan of late-night snacking, be careful of foods high in tyramine, like aged cheese and cured meats. They can disrupt your sleep.


Remember, what you eat can affect your sleep quality. Avoid these 6 foods at night and opt for lighter, healthier options to get a good night's rest.